Wednesday, February 1, 2012


When Fork first approached Trademark to begin work on their 8th-street sign it was apparent that, in order for the design to be successful, we had to truly get to know the restaurant's story. Fork makes a commitment to running a socially and environmentally responsible restaurant -- a commitment that goes beyond mere marketing slogans. Most of the menu is sourced from local, organic farmers, and local artisans were employed to craft things like the tables and glassware. Like nearly all projects here at Trademark, this one started with lots and lots of hand-sketches.
Some earlier designs for the Fork sign. 

Fork is located on Boise's busy 8th street. A dimensional sign, one that juts out from the wall, was chosen to help increase visibility. The frame was custom designed and fabricated to fit the building's facade. The fork statue itself was hand-carved out of high-density urethane (HDU), which resists heat expansion well, and is easy to carve.
John uses a belt-sander to add texture to the Fork statue.

The letters, also HDU, were CNC-routed and then beveled, carved, and painted by hand.
A close up of the HDU letters on the right hand side of the sign. 

The background graphics suggest fields of thriving crops, and the color palate is one of vitality and freshness.
Jason layers paint onto the statue. 

The installation took place early in the morning, and was quick and easy. Fork is located in the historic City National Bank building, and maximum care was taken to insure that the building's facade wasn't damaged during installation.
The crane made installation a breeze.


  1. I love what you have here. We've been wanting to find a great Arizona sign company. I would love to have your services, but do you even do it there?

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think that sign is absolutely amazing. It is very futuristic and 3D. Great job guys!
    - signs Boston MA

  3. These are awesome!! I have been looking at a arizona sign company. I really like there work too.

  4. When people mention signs I first think of biblical signs. This week however I spent some time in San Diego the greatest city on earth. There I saw an impressive number of signs with eating utensils on them. Everything from knives and spoons to forks and sporks. It makes me proud to be an American. It makes me proud to think of our holidays that are devoted solely to eating good food and spending time with our families. These are the things that are important in life.

  5. I love this, who knew so much work went into business signs. I love driving down the road and seeing all the different and unique signs that companies have hanging outside their business. It's important that your business sign sticks out and is appealing to the eye for the best business possible!
    Holly James |

  6. I really like the design for this restaurant's sign. It's really cool how you've created a 3D image of a fork. I can imagine that it must have taken a lot of work to create a business sign to look like that.

  7. This is an awesome sign project. A 3D sign always pops out and catches your attention. How much time did it take to finish the whole project? I'm sure it was nice having a crane to do the heavy lifting. This makes me want to stop by their restaurant! Thanks for sharing!