Thursday, January 19, 2012

Metageek Entryway

Metageek approached us after seeing our work with Red Sky Public Relations. They wanted to brand the entryway to their new office, and thought Trademark might be able to help.

Metageek makes tools and software that help locate and maximize wifi signals. We tried to incorporate imagery that symbolizes this. The three sine-waves are hand-painted, and follow the contours of the wall.

The sign itself is made from two sheets of 1/4-inch laser-cut acrylic with a transparent blue underlay. The letters are pin-mounted 1/4-inch off the wall so they appear to be hovering.

Look! Save a Life TT Bikes

Look! Save a Life is a Boise-based advocacy program that works to make the roads a safer place for people to ride their bikes. These stunning Felt B2 time trial bikes and Williams Wheels were donated to Look! by Team Exergy, a professional cycling team that also calls Boise home.

Look! Save a Life already had a wealth of imagery to draw from, but for these wheels it was really important to make sure that they looked good while spinning. 

The vinyl was tricky to apply over the complicated convex shapes offered by the disc wheels. It took a lot of skill and a lot of patience to insure a clean layup.

The bikes are striking! The designs look fast, even while standing still.